Beyond financial investments, Fidelity also offers a full list of consumer-directed benefits to clients and their employees (B2B2C) such as HSA, FSA, Medical, Dental, Vision, etc. Historically, we've worked with third-party vendors to provide the full end-to-end experience covering annual enrollment, updating life events, paying for your benefits and more. I led a large part of our 2022 epics to transition from vendors to net-new inhouse solutions, specifically for direct billing and enrolling in COBRA health insurance.
Built the Fidelity experience to directly manage, track, and pay for benefits within our ecosystem.
Consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act (COBRA) provides employees a way to continue their current health benefits for a limited time period when they undergo qualifying life events (e.g (in)voluntary job loss) at the expense of a 102% premium. COBRA is usually prefaced with a nuanced scenario that many aren't familiar with; our experience provided the needed guidance to build confidence and help participants make informed decisions for them and their family.
as the design lead
Some of my responsibilities included
- Identifying and accommodating for all client-dependent needs
- Working closely with squad leads, business analysts, and engineers across six teams to prioritize roadmap initiatives
- Designing and prototyping sprint-ready mockups with specs for developers. This includes dashboards and enhancements to our annual benefit enrollment flows
- Collaborating with accessibility and design system teams to ensure best practices and standards across new and current designs
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