Saving for retirement is a two-part strategy - understanding how much you’ll have for retirement in your health savings account (HSA) and how much you’ll need. I designed an HSA Projection Tool to help participants plan their long-term health expenses and gain insight on their projected savings.
as the design lead
Some of my responsibilities included
- Working closely with financial engineers, squad leads, business analysts, and UX researchers to craft a bespoke experience built around net new research and qualitative feedback
- Designing a guided process leveraging user data inside a proprietary algorithm to generate a personalized HSA projection
- Facilitating user research to collect feedback on initial impressions and remove areas of confusing technical jargon
- Carrying the torch of exemplifying how well we know our customers via a tailored step-by-step  process including built-in projection flexibility accounting for varying market conditions and lifestyle decisions
The challenge
There’s a complex barrier of entry and lack of guidance to opening and optimizing HSAs. This leads to further confusion for when someone can comfortably retire based on their current financial status. The problem compounds for those also handling urgent short-term needs that are prioritized over long-term savings. It becomes difficult to know how much to contribute towards an HSA before it begins cutting into immediate expenses and other potential savings.
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