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Downloadable prototype is available on our page.
Paws of Fury was a game jam submission that I led comprised of talent that I met through other online projects, co-workers, and Discord communities. Our objective was to deliver a playable prototype that could also be used to socialize and test the gameplay loop for future iterations. In this 2D player versus player (PvP) game, two players individually roll and bounce a circular cat or dog while collecting healing, damaging, and mobility items to take out their opponent’s lives.
December 16 - December 24, 2020
As the Producer
- Managed a team of four (two developers, one character/environment artist, one UI designer); delegated project responsibilities and addressed roadblocks‍
- Coordinated daily stand-ups to keep the team on track with in-scope necessities for the MVP deliverable
- Developed the game’s framework in GameMaker Studio 2 for features such as player physics and item behaviors
‍- Designed the player’s end-to-end game flow to define all necessary player functions within each room and reduce
scope creep for future ideas
- Collaborated closely with the artist and UI designer to define the game’s look and feel for consistency among all the visual components
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