Experimenting with Spline, a new design tool to build web-based 3D experiences. Blender + Figma. With the growing trend of simple and fun 3D animations used in webpages, there's a heavy learning curve with most 3D tools. Spline aims to tackle this barrier of entry with a Figma-like UI that's more in line with a UX designer's familiarity.
At the time of writing, Spline is early in its lifecycle and I unfortunately ran into a lot of bugs and lack of features. Currently, its pros don't seem to outweigh the cons if someone is willing to take the time to learn a full-fledged 3D tool such as Blender.
Spline isn't responsive when embedded into a webpage, please check out my weapon menu project to try out the interactions!
Here's a video showcasing this project:
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